We provide Industrial Paramedicine solutions for your premises

Industrial Paramedicine

Our Industrial Paramedicine solutions are designed to be Turn-Key solutions so that our clients can concentrate on their core business. From setting up Clinics-on-site to providing Paramedics as manpower solutions, we do it all.

Did You Know?

The Workplace Safety and Health Act (Chapter 354A, Section 65) Stipulates that where there are more than 500 person at work in a workplace, there shall be provided and maintance a first-aid room

We are proficient in

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Manpower - Paramedics

We provide qualified and professional Paramedics to take care of your Medical Centre or First Aid Stations. We assist you with setting up protocols for patient care and manage the daily running of the Medical Centre for you.


If you require Nurses/Doctors on site, we make it happen too. 24/7 or on-call at an ad-hoc basis, we can do it.

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Our Offshore Paramedics are specially trained and qualified to be deployed on Rigs and Vessels. Need interim paramedic while your perm staff go on rotation? We have you covered. Need a perm staff? We have you covered.


A Medical Centre or First Aid Station is not complete without the basic necessary equipment and supplies. We populate your set up not just with the right people, but the right supplies as well to ensure that your employees get the best medical attention should and when they need it.

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Women doing chocking training


Some work sites are more dangerous than others and it will be in our clients’ best interest to equip their workforce with the necessary First Aid knowledge where the chances of a casualty being rendered first aid and is greatly increased. We provide bespoke training tailored to the clients’ specific requirements in relation to their work site.


Our select network of specialist doctors offers assurance to our clients, knowing that regardless the medical need, we are able to provide trusted professional expertise. Specialist Doctors’ engagement will incur the respective doctor’s professional fees.

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medical clinic

Medical Centre Management

If you have the hardware (Medical Centre), we have the software. We bring in the people, the workflow, the protocols and the procedures. From patient registration to evacuation in case of emergency, we take the burden off our clients and let them do what they do best: their core business.

Ambulance Standby

For work sites that are unsuitable to erect a Medical Centre, our EN1789 compliant Emergency Ambulances can be deployed to stand-in as First-Aid Station in case of emergencies. Any emergency evacuation to hospital(s) is immediate and ensures the minimal transit time.

nurse and doctor on ambulance
nurses check covid-19 patient data

Quarantine Management

The Covid-19 pandemic has compelled us to start an initiative for our client, and the initiative has served our client well. To devise and implement an effective quarantine procedure, we need to have an intimate knowledge of the client’s work process and flow, whereafter a safe and effective quarantine protects the entire workforce from cross-infection.


Not just Covid-19 testing, we carry out various testing/screening exercises at the request of our clients. These test include, but are not limited to: drugs/narcotics; alcohol consumption. Periodic testing plans can be drawn up as well as ad-hoc checks.

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medical clinic for industrial


Whether mobile, triage or specialised clinics, we assist our clients with the necessary expertise set up a clinic tailored to their requirements. Equipment and medical supplies to stock up in preparedness of any events can be designed for each and every client’s needs.

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What Others Say About Us

Kenson Oen
Kenson Oen
Agnes was super great and engaging instructor, great course! Highly recommended.
Kelvin Kwek
Kelvin Kwek
Agnes was a great trainer
Lin Wei
Lin Wei
Instructor Agnes is very knowledgeable and engaging. Even though it’s a full day course, it is not dry at all 🙂 Really learnt a lot during the class thank you so much! Will def come back
Raphael Siah (Waffle)
Raphael Siah (Waffle)
Had a great experience learning under Instructor Agnes. Very patient and taught the concepts well. I feel that it's good to promote understanding more than just rote memorisation, which she was able to deliver on.
Gowrie Muniandy
Gowrie Muniandy
Very friendly and polite staff. Very efficient and organised as usual. On time and punctual.
Palaniammal Murugiah
Palaniammal Murugiah
They managed to coax my mom to make her feel at ease & move her from her bed to the stretcher with minimal discomfort though she is of big build.
Sky Ain't Limit
Sky Ain't Limit
Attended the Standard First Aid course and my class trainer is Raymond. I agree with others that he gives negative vibes and condescending towards his students. Very low EQ and impatient trainer. He needs to learn that students pay fees to learn things, not to be put down and humiliated. We are all adult, there is no need for him to resort to shouting in class when we don't get things right. Good luck if you get him in your class.
Judy Chua
Judy Chua
Ambulance services today ! The staff were professional and patience throughout. I am grateful for their outstanding service and would highly recommend them to others.
Zalinah Jantan
Zalinah Jantan
Thank you to the staff of Medlink for the professionalism and care shown to my husband. I will definitely engage Medlink services in the future.
Nikolas Metar
Nikolas Metar
Best provider!

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