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Private Ambulance Services

Book a private ambulance for non-emergency situations in as quick as 30 minutes if our ambulance is available. However, booking 24 hours in advance will ensure that an ambulance will reach you at the desired time. We strongly encourage you to book 24 hours ahead of the scheduled time.

Ambulance Services Charges


Mon - Fri (8AM - 6PM)
Sat (8AM - 1PM)
Mon - Fri (6PM - 8AM)
Sat (1PM Onwards)
Sunday & Public Holidays
(All Day)
1 Way Ambulance Transport to any A&E $150 $200
1 Way Medical Transport for
(Appointments, Dialysis, Discharge, etc)
$80 $130
2 Way Medical Transport for
(Appointments, Dialysis, Discharge, etc)
$150 $200
1 Way Ambulance Transport to any Psychiatric Facility (e.g - IMH) $300 $350
Non - Tarmac Transport (e.g - Malaysia Customs Checkpoint) $300 $350
Airport / Seaport Transfer $820 $870
Maternity / In-Labour Transport $300 $350
High Risk Medical Transport (Infectious Diseases, e.g COVID, TB) $175 $225
Cross Border Land Transfer
(Singapore to anywhere in West Malaysia and South Thailand - Both Ways Avaliable)
From $1000 onwards, pricing varies according to location
Oxygen Usage (Unlimited) $25 $25
Bariatric (Patients 100kg and above) $50 $50
Staircase Surcharge (Per level) $15 $15
Nursing Procedure (Suction, I/V Procedure) $100 $100
Resuscitation Efforts (AED, I/V, LMA, Drugs - All inclusive) $550 $550
Medical Escort Services - Min 2 hours booking (For appointments etc) $30 / hour 30 / hour + $50 flat fee surcharge
(1 Hour Block)
Events (8 Hours)
/ Medical Evacuation
$125/Hour (Min. 2 Hours Booking)
- Inclusive: 1 Ambulance, 2 Crew (PRM, EMT Driver)
- $820
- Unlimited Evacuation to Hospital of Choice or Nearest (Case to Case)
- All Consumables Used and Oxygen Usage
*2nd and Subsequent Ambulance Activation - $150/Ambulance
*Additional First Aider - $50/Hour ($20 - Manpower) ($30 - First Aider Consumables)
*Event Standby Rates may vary based on hours.
Please contact us for a more accurate quote at 69093203 or


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Book a Private Ambulance in Singapore

What is a private ambulance used for?

A private ambulance in Singapore not only caters to emergencies. People who have limited mobility to reach a medical institution or a preferred hospital for an appointment or checkup can benefit from the use of private ambulances as well. The national ambulance service in Singapore not only serves as patient transport but importantly, it is an emergency medical service with highly trained paramedics and equipment. Calling 995 is reserved for emergencies cases. As of 2017, the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) has also decided to stop ferrying non-emergency medical cases. This is to ensure resources are available for real emergencies and save lives. However, it does not mean if your case is not immediately life-threatening, you do not deserve the right medical attention. Those with conditions such as pneumonia and serious skin infections must still get to a hospital as soon as possible for treatment, but there are many ways to do so besides calling 995. In non-emergency situations, most of us can make our way to the clinic or hospitals on our own using public transport, taxis or private-hire cars, sometimes with the help of a family member, friend or medical escort. Unfortunately, those who are bedridden, have limited mobility, or require support equipment such as oxygen and IV drip during transport, may still face difficulty getting to medical facilities. This is where private ambulance services come in to offer you the medical attention you deserve.

What is considered an emergency?

An emergency is any situation in which an individual’s life, health, or property is at imminent risk and requires immediate intervention. Quick response and immediate action help avoid complications and prevent a situation from worsening. The most common emergency scenarios include severe bleeding, breathing difficulties, stroke, and heart attacks.

Why Choose Us?


Transparent Pricing

No bill shocks. All fees chargeable and applicable are displayed and communicated. No hidden fees nor incidentals. GST chargeable.


Safety & peace of mind

Our imported reinforced interior cabin kits that we build our ambulances with ensures the safety of you and your loved ones. We also only use class leading equipment.



Our select crew goes through our stringent selection criteria and pre-requisites. Regular training and refresher courses keep our crew at optimum readiness.​



We wish everyone at their pink of health, but when our services are needed for an extended period of time, we share the hardship with our clients by offering 15% discount for repeat clients.​

Our fleet of Ambulances are qualified Emergency Ambulance Service (EAS) vehicles as prescribed by the guidelines published by the Ministry of Health (MOH). Over and above the required standards,
our ambulances are built with imported reinforced ABS cabin.

Emergency VS Non-Emergency Examples

Indicated below is the difference between emergency and non-emergency cases.

Emergency Examples Non-Emergency Examples
Anaphylactic shock and asthma attacks Mild allergic reactions (e.g. rashes, swelling, etc)
Severe head injuries Slight abdominal pains
Severe burns Serious skin infections
Internal Bleeding Diarrhea with dehydration (Food Poisoning)
Chemical poisoning Hospital admission and discharge
Unusual seizure or convulsions Medical checkup and appointments
Stroke or heart attack Chronic pains
Coma Therapy, dialysis, or other appointments

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Ambulance Services AVAILABLE

Maternity / Labour & Delivery

We welcome your newest family member together with you. Our team and ambulance is the best you can give to your wife and child. Let us make this experience a comfortable one.

Psychiatric Support Transfer

We understand the emotional struggles of sending a loved one to mental health therapy. Manners of assisting the patients are conducted under the advice of our in-house Psychology Consultant.

Airport / seaport (Tarmac)

Seamless medical transfer from your jet or yacht to the hospital, medical centre or clinic of your choice. Additional transport for your accompanying entourage can be arranged too.

Airport / seaport (Non-Tarmac)

Welcoming you at the Arrival Hall of our Airport/ Seaports to the hospital, medical centre or clinic of your choice. Additional transport for your accompanying entourage can be arranged too.

Emergency to choice hospital

The national emergency service is required to ferry you to the nearest hospital. However, that may not be where your preferred doctor is. We can bring you to the hospital of your choice.

Event Standby (8hrs)

Be prepared for any emergency medical condition at your event. Leave nothing to chance, and run your event with the peace of mind that we have you covered. Talk to us to find out more.

Non emergency 1 way

Need to seek medical assistance, but the emergency service is unable to attend to you? We can help. To a hospital or a clinic, we ferry you to any destination on our island.

Non emergency 2 way

Need to seek medical assistance, but the emergency service is unable to attend to you? We can help. To a hospital or a clinic, we ferry you to any destination on our island, and bring you back to residence.

VIP Ambulance*

Coming soon

Coming soon

VIP Ambulance

Medlink Healthcare Group is the pioneer in Singapore to launch such a vehicle and service for the privileged clientele such as Celebrities, Heads of States and the UHNI. Bearing state-of-the-art equipment and amenities, this ambulance is setting the new standard. Developing closely with our German specialists, we endeavour to bring the best of mobile medical technology and luxury to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

You should call 1777 for an ambulance if your case is not considered an emergency. There are private ambulances in Singapore that cater to non-emergency cases so that you can have proper transportation to the hospital or the clinic for your appointments. Should your condition worsen or escalate during the trip, you have the peace of mind to know that a well trained medical team is with you, and can attend to you immediately.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) runs the national emergency response service. The ambulances dispatched by the SCDF do not charge any fees. However, it is not the same for non-emergency cases.


The SCDF charges $274 for non-emergency cases in which their emergency ambulances are dispatched.


For use of non-emergency ambulances in Singapore, you may contact 1777. 


Booking a private ambulance directly with a Private Ambulance Operator (PAO) is another option in case you need a non-emergency ambulance.

Rates for a non-emergency ambulance in Singapore is quite reasonable. A non-emergency ambulance transfer for a 1-way trip starts at $100. This includes a certified Paramedic that monitors the patient’s condition throughout the trip.


The price for a return trip begins at $200.

Yes, you can always book a private ambulance for your needs. Private ambulances are ideal for non-emergency cases that still require medical attention or intervention. These include bedridden patients, patients with limited capacity for movement, patients that are unable to travel with conventional transport. Especially for patients that are discharged from hospitals or institutions but still face mobility challenges.

For mothers that are about to deliver, SCDF 995 ambulances are bound by protocol to only send you to either KKH or NUH, whichever is nearest. They are not allowed to send you to your preferred Medical Centre where your OB/GYN specialists is, nor any private hospitals, even if it is nearer to you than KKH or NUH.

Medlink’s Maternity transfer experience is no less safer than SCDF, but in fact your family is in very good hands. Our crew is made up of MOH and SCDF certified Paramedics with no less than 3 years of experience in attending emergency calls and has successfully delivered babies in different environments and settings such as in their residential homes or during transit.

SCDF does not provide Event Standby for any events as they are already on 24hrs standby for the emergencies in the civil society. They are committed to serving the nation and the people for their medical emergencies. Event standbys are only possible with Private Ambulance Operators (PAOs).

Any possible casualties that occur during the event can still be attended by the SCDF 995 service, but having an ambulance on standby at location offers the shortest activation and reaction time for the casualty and shines light on the event organizers’ holistic coverage for the event.

Our crew has experience in dealing with birth complications, however, the best equipment and environment with all the resources will still be at a medical institution. Depending on the severity of the complication, our crew will preserve life as utmost priority. Because Medlink Healthcare Group is dedicated to only bring you the best, we equip our ambulance with all necessary supplies and equipment suited for delivery and thus greatly increasing the chances for both mother and child.

We will be compelled to apply restrains if the patient turns violent during transit, s the patient is legally under our care once the patient boards our ambulance. This is to ensure that the patient has limited capacity to harm him/herself in a moving vehicle with hard objects (our equipment) around. Also, a patient with pronounced movements may endanger our crew as well. We value the safety of our crew as much as we value our clients. Our crew has the experience to know how to deal with the situation effectively and achieve the best outcome.

It really depends on the policy that you have purchased. Some policies do cover transportation to and fro medical institutions for terminal illness treatments. However, every insurance policy from each company differs. We are unable to advise if your policy covers the charges of our services. You may contact your insurance company or your insurance agent for clarifications on this matter. For travel insurance’s medical evacuation, they usually do cover “as charged” for evacuation and repatriation. We can be fairly certain that your charges incurred from us for the ride will be covered by travel insurance, if you are a foreigner in Singapore, and has the adequate coverage. Do contact your insurer and make arrangements with your insurer, for them to book on your behalf.

Booking a private ambulance is very easy. You can book through our website: and follow through the step-by-step booking process.

Fill out the form with the necessary information. Once done, we will receive your booking immediately. Bookings that are done at least 24 hours in advance enjoy confirmation and certainty of the ambulance availability. Urgent bookings done the last minute incur a $50-surcharge and booking confirmation depends on availability.

You may browse through our available services and find which option suits your needs best. We have a selection of services that can cater to your specific transport needs, including the necessary equipment and supplies.

If you need further assistance, you may reach us at 69093203.

Our non-emergency ambulance services run from 7am - 6pm.

We can dispatch an ambulance and reach you within 30 minutes if our ambulance is available. However, booking 24 hours in advance will ensure that an ambulance will reach you at the desired time. Please note that urgent calls collect additional fees so we strongly encourage you to book 24 hours ahead of the scheduled time.

When you call 995, the operator will conduct a tele-triage to determine the severity of the situation and whether a dispatch of emergency resource is warranted. Should the need be determined by the tele-triage to not require SCDF assistance, the caller will be diverted to 1777 hotline.

Our crew is trained in Psychological First Aid that is accredited by ACC Institute of Human Services. The patient will be treated with the appropriate and correct care and support during transfer.

All our ambulances are audited by the Ministry of Health for the mandatory minimum equipment and supplies. Upon successful audit, the ambulance will be issued a Certificate of Compliance. As such, our ambulances are capable, just as our crew, whom equipped the ambulance with supplies that are more than double of what is prescribed by MOH. On top of that, the interior cabin of our ambulances are built with imported reinforced ABS. The structural strength of the cabin is enhanced and offers a higher level of protection to our patients in the event of a crash.

We selected class leading equipment such as the Zoll X-Series Patient Monitor+AED with 12 leads ECG capabilities, and Laerdal Suction Pumps. These equipment are also commonly found on SCDF ambulances and the equipment has proved to be reliable and functionally ideal to be selected for implementation by the SCDF. Hence, suffice to say, in terms of equipment, our ambulances are on par with SCDF’s, including pediatric monitoring equipment.

We meet all stipulated supplies requirement by MOH and stock our inventory well over the prescribed quantities. Our digital Inventory Management System also provides real-time stock level and expiry date monitoring to ensure we are always well stocked with supplies that are not expired.

Our crew of certified MOH and SCDF Paramedics with more than 5 years’ experience has attended a wide range of emergencies in their career serving with the SCDF 995 as first responders. They are selected by Medlink Healthcare Group specifically due to their experience as emergency first responders and attitude towards service excellence. With Medlink Healthcare Group’s people development culture, our crew is encouraged to continuously upskill, upgrade and better themselves.

Our crew is trained in Psychological First Aid that is accredited by ACC Institute of Human Services. The patient will be treated with the appropriate and correct care and support during transfer. As our Paramedics are certified, part of their Nursing training curriculum is to attend an attachment at IMH for a given duration. They are well accustomed to patients that require the different level of care and attention. We are also very privileged to have a crew member with over two years of experience in attending exclusively Psychiatric Support Transfers, and worked with the IMH Mobile Crisis Team.

At Medlink Healthcare Group, we do not believe in cutting corners just to achieve affordability. We only deploy Emergency Ambulance Service (EAS) Ambulances that demand equipment that are higher in specifications and cost as compared to Medical Transport Service (MTS) vehicles.

Our crew is selected with a minimum 3 years of Paramedic experience with SCDF attending to 995 calls. They are certified MOH and SCDF Paramedics that has gone through the proper training and exposure to real-life incidents, and are fully capable of attending any medical emergencies. Our Drivers, are similarly, experienced drivers that has served with SCDF and some were even deployed in combat environment during National Service with the SAF. Over and above their driving capabilities, they are also certified EMTs.

The Emergency Ambulances on standby at the airports are for airport emergencies, such as air plane accidents or emergencies that occur within the airport, but NOT for receiving patients that arrive into Singapore and require Medical Transport to a medical institution.

Furthermore, Arrival (Tarmac & Non Tarmac) require arrangements prior to your departure from Country of Origin. This will ensure the certainty of a team of medical personnel (Paramedics with Medlink Healthcare Group) that will receive your arrival and seamlessly transport you to the medical institute of your choice.

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