To serve the community with cutting edge medical services.

About Us

Our team consists of professionals carefully selected for their technical excellence, dedication and passion. Our core team consists of medical practitioners with years of experience in the field alongside highly efficient and savvy support staff.

About Us

To serve the community with cutting edge medical services.

Medlink Healthcare Group Pte Ltd emerged from a corporate image makeover and internal restructuring of Medlink Services Pte Ltd’s business direction and processes. The latter, established in 2017, was a dedicated First-Aid Training Centre. Under the leadership of Mr. Kevin Shoff, Medlink Services expanded its service offerings to
include, but not limited to, medical supplies and medical standby.

During the Circuit Breaker amidst the Covid-19 Pandemic in 2020, Mr. Shoff took the downtime to strategize and examine how we could contribute to the improvement of the healthcare industry, as well as society at large.

Medlink Healthcare Group Pte Ltd is thus created with 5 divisions to provide a holistic Healthcare ecosystem to the people of Singapore.
They are namely:

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medical Supplies


Ambulance Services

trainer train how to use first aid tool

The Training/Education Division is responsible for the quality curriculum as prescribed by SRFAC guidelines. Led by Mr. Kevin Shoff, the division is the pinnacle of First Aid and life-saving training, producing quality life savers every year.

Our Industrial Paramedicine solutions are designed to be Turn-Key solutions so that our clients can concentrate on their core businesses. From setting up Clinics-on-site to providing Paramedics as manpower solutions, we do it all.

practicing how to use first aid tool in factory

Corporate Governance


Mr. Kevin Shoff

Founder & Managing Director

Mr. Shoff entered the Healthcare Industry as an Emergency First Responder in 2011, and found his calling. He answered his calling and pursued professional training with Justice Institute of British Columbia (JIBC) in 2016 and graduated as a Paramedic. The passion continued after his return from Canada and serving with Singapore’s 995 Emergency Response System from 2016- 2018.

Today, Mr. Shoff is actively engaged in contributing to the improvement in Singapore’s Healthcare Industry with the Medlink Healthcare Group.


At Medlink Healthcare Group, we strive to provide the best of healthcare services, at the most reasonable rates. We worked with a multitude of professionals across a gamut of diverse background and professional disciplines, to put together the most holistic and encompassing care and attention available to our clients. As we continue to engineer and stride towards a unified healthcare landscape with a “no- wrong-door” policy, our metamorphosis continues. We endeavor our continuous improvements to bring on a brighter, warmer and welcoming wellbeing to our clients and patients.

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